Wall Of Life - Kyle - Fifty Lives

Tissue Donor

How do you write a story about your child? What do you say? What can you say that will express the depth of love we had and still have for him? Would tearstains on this paper let readers know of the enormous loss my husband and I are working through?

Our son, Kyle Kenneth Cryblskey was born 9-15-1986 just 14 months after our first child. I almost didn't want him, I was scared, young, with a baby at home already, still physically healing from that birth. But into the world he came, absolutely beautiful! He stopped breathing in the hospital and somehow I knew that this one would need extra "watching out for".

Kyle was so kind-hearted, yet tried to be tough on the outside so no one would know. At 4 years old, he realized that the big truck that came to our home one fall day was there to take all his cows (from our farm). He grabbed me by the hand walked me to the house and into his bedroom, where he started sobbing at the loss of "his" cows.

He fell from every tree on our farm, broke his arm doing a jump on his bike from the porch. Not one tear from his eyes until he could quietly have his mom all to himself, who hugged him and reassured him that everything would be O.K.

He found a kitten one time that its mother abandoned, its eyes were not even open yet. I gave him the choice 1) walk away or 2) you take care of that kitten all by yourself until it could eat on its own and then you had to give it away. Kyle was 16, he kept it, he bought a bottle and formula from the local vet and he was told to wipe the kitten's bottom after every feeding with a wet paper towel, because that's what Mama Kitties do. Kyle did all of this, night and day! That little kitten loved Kyle, how could you not? And then, I made him give it away...which he did.

Two days before Kyle died, he took me to the Dr.'s for a migraine shot. Kyle had been at work all night, he never complained, held my hand, rubbed my back when I got sick, got me home and comfortable just in time for him to go to work again. I told him I loved him and he said, "I know mom, I love you too." Those were literally the last words we said to each other.

Saturday, February 13, 2010, Kyle took his girlfriend to Mt. Hood Meadows for Valentine's Day to go snowboarding. He went down one run, she went down another. When she got to the bottom Kyle wasn't there, but she did see the ski patrol doing CPR on a guy they had on a board coming down the mountain. She couldn't tell that this was Kyle, so she went back up and called him from the top. The ski patrol answered and told her to come to the first aid hut, she realized then, that Kyle was the one they were doing CPR on. He died almost immediately "flat-landing" a jump that was enormous. Again, because Kyle was a giving soul, he had given his helmet to his girlfriend to wear up there because she didn't have one. He was 23 years old, a loving, big-hearted, giving boy who we miss so very, very much!

When we were approached to give Kyle's tissue, without hesitation, we said yes, because again, Kyle had indicated this desire on his license and to me personally how important it was to help others. Kyle signed up for every blood drive at school, which started when his good friend needed marrow for his leukemia (who has passed as well). Kyle had beautiful eyes to see the world with, and I think he would be happy if someone else could see what's beautiful in this world as well. Thank you Kyle for being my son for 23 years, and thank you GOD for giving him to me...

We love you and miss you so much!

Written by Kyle's parents