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Tissue Recipient

I went to the dentist because of a cracked tooth, and found out I couldn't get a crown because I had severe bone loss in my upper jaw and back molar. He sent me to an oral surgeon who explained that as the bone regresses in my upper jaw, the sinus cavity would drop. The damaged tooth had to be removed and replaced with a dental implant.

The surgeon performed sinus augmentation surgery, a procedure in which bone is added to my upper jaw in the area of the molar to support the base of a dental implant. According to the surgeon, they had to raise my sinus cavity using bone powder to generate bone growth. My surgeon was great and very attentive to my needs.

As a vendor for Community Tissue Services, I am very familiar with the organization and I told the surgeon that if he had to use bone grafts, that it had to come from Community Tissue Services.

After three months of healing, the bone grafts took and I will now have the final step to place the dental implant. I am truly grateful for the donated tissue available for my oral surgery.